The apparatus for physical modeling of electroseismic effect of the first kind

V.A. Zeigarnik, V.N. Klyuchkin

DOI: 10.21455/si2018.1-1 (in Russ.)




Influence of the meteorological factors on the level of a microseismic noise at long-term observations

D.A. Malysheva, D.V. Abramov, M.N. Drobyshev, V.N. Koneshov

DOI: 10.21455/si2018.1-2 (in Russ.)




The system of automatic monitoring of the seismicity of the European Arctic

A.V. Fedorov, V.E. Asming, Z.A. Jevtjugina, A.V. Prokudina

DOI: 10.21455/si2018.1-3 (in Russ.)




2014–2016 seismic events around the Karelian Isthmus and their nature

B.А. Assinovskaya, I.P. Gabsatarova, N.M. Panas, M. Uski

DOI: 10.21455/si2018.1-4 (in Russ.)




On some conventional misconceptions in seismology

V.Yu. Burmin

DOI: 10.21455/si2018.1-5 (in Russ.)