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SEISMICHESKIE PRIBORY, ISSN: 0131-6230, eISSN: 2312-6965, DOI: 10.21455/si,

English Translation: Seismic Instruments, ISSN: 0747-9239 (Print) 1934-7871 (Online),

Symmetric three-component rotational

V.M. Fremd

Consulting Company, Calgary, Canada


Abstract. The possibilities of constructive realization of rotational seismometers with the use of fundamentally new two-and four-element piezoelectric rotation sensors are considered. On the basis of detailed review of existing piezoelectric accelerometers for strong earthquakes design of three-component rotational piezoelectric accelerometers symmetric with respect to the vertical location component is proposed. The calculation of the instrument suitable for well observations is given. The prospects of using the new modern piezoelectric materials are noted.

Keywords: piezoelectric transducers, rotational seismometers, strong motion, parameters of rotational seismic vibrations, piezoelectric accelerometers

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FREMD Viktor Maksimovich  Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, consultant, Consulting Company, Calgary, Canada. 15320 Bannister Rd. SE, Apt. 304, Calgary T2X 1Z6, Alberta, Canada. Phone: +1(403) 265-56-49. E-mail:

Cite this article as: Fremd V.M. Symmetric three-component rotational piezoelectric seismometers, Seismicheskie Pribory, 2019, Vol. 55, no. 4, pp. 40–50. (in Russian). si2019.4-4

English translation of the article will be published in Seismic Instruments, ISSN: 0747-9239 (Print) 1934-7871 (Online),, 2020, Volume 56.